Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Echoing Grove by Rosamond Lehmann

"Considering how different men are, it seems so curious that it is always women who have to face it.One never hears, does one, of a man facing his difference?"

I fear that the poor reception this book received from me was due in no major part to the week I was having. When someone is on an emotional roller coaster, fearful that the something great they have discovered may be a mirage that will soon disappear and transform into sordid reality; the last thing she wants to read is a dark, twisted tale of messed up relationships. Enter this novel and I have to say the attractive cover hid the poor typeface within - it was a little blurry this novel.

Time moves back and forth at whim in this tale of two sisters and one man. Personally, I couldn't see what they saw in him - but that is merely my opinion. Perhaps if I was not distracted by my own dramas ( i detest dramas) and the fuzzy print, then my review would be more complimentary. As it stands, not so much.

Gents, if you plan on an affair, don't do your wife's sister - poor form and if this book has taught me anything, don't leave your cufflinks at the wrong house. Unless things have changed since this tale's publication in 1953.

At least I got to tick off one of the Guardian's 1000 best (really?) novels.

2 out of 5 romantic dramas are a drain.

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