Sunday, 3 September 2017

Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

"While it was technically accurate that both Liz and Jane were single, this fact did not for either woman convey the full story."

It is a truth not universally known that this Pride and Prejudice transplanted to modern days has been sitting within my to be read pile since Christmas. How did I let that happen? This is fantastic stuff! Funny, well written, it is a complete delight and the pages just seemed to fly by at a record pace.
This re-telling is part of a series of re-imaginings of the works of Jane Austen by modern writers, known as the Austen Project. One of literature's most famous dysfunctional families - has their ever been a mother more mortifying than Mrs Bennett? - is now transplanted to Cincinnati of all places.
Bingley's first name is Chip and he's been on the equivalent of reality show, The Batchelor.
Darcy is a brain surgeon, Elizabeth (Liz) writes for a women's magazine and Jane is getting artificially inseminated. This is Austen but certainly not as we know it. A great story transcends the details it would seem, as this incarnation is simply delightful.
I'm keen to seek out more works by its author now, as this one was so much fun and this world needs way more of that these days.

5 out of 5 daper doctors are always called for.

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