Saturday, 16 September 2017

Pinball 1973 by Haruki Murakami

"The goal of pinball is self-transformation, not self-expression."

It has been one of those crazy weeks that fly by and yet fill you with a sense of exhaustion mixed with tedium and a little dash of frustration. To hide from the trials of the daily slog, I dove deep into Murakami territory and was not disappointed. Reading his novels is like waking from a seriously weird dream. The details are a mite hazy, your recollections lie on the tip of your tongue and yet simultaneously a million miles away.

Imagine around 160 pages of escape into another world with an obsession for a very rare pinball machine, random bed buddy twins and the tale of the rat and his strange, meaningless sexual entanglement that ranges from all powerful to forgettable in a very short time. This is apparently the 2nd of 3 Rat stories and unfortunately it seems I've gone and read them in reverse order, which is typical. I have a habit of doing things back to front.
Throw in musings about life, relationships, pinball and fleeting obsessions and this is a delightful dreamlike escape. Not my number one favourite Murakami and yet still a delightful excursion.

5 out of 5 ball flipping gets the big scores.

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