Sunday, 10 September 2017

Pig Tales by Marie Darrieussecq

"The director of Perfumes Plus was holding my right breast in one hand, the job contract in the other"

Fancy a really strange read? Well this certainly will fit the bill. A rather comely young woman gets felt up by her new boss  and finds her extra curricular activities take over from selling perfumes. While her male clients appreciate her youthful fecundity, misuse and pregnancy physically alter her until she is transformed into a pig. Pink, fat, can be used to make bacon - that kind of pig.
It is reminiscent of the way in which women start off as innocent and appealing and then is transformed by age and experience into something far less appealing. Sometimes the life of a pig might just be more liberating as our sow discovers.
Definitely an intriguing read and quite a quick one - which is pretty much what the heroine gets up to a lot,

4 out of 5 trotters seem unflattering.

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