Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Excellent Women by Barbara Pym

"I took another piece of cake and there was a short lull in the conversation, during which I considered Julian's suggestion that I might have fallen in love with Rockingham Napier."

You know the feeling when you buy delicious box of chocolates, full of different choices and each morsel is a delight? This book had somewhat of a similar effect on me. I was swept up into Mildred Lansbury's world because she reminded me so much of myself. Perpetually single, either making up the numbers or being the odd one out and cursed with poor taste in the opposite sex.People just expect that you will act as the social glue, ironing out life's problems, taking over their issues, because somehow, a single woman of a certain age can only act in a helpful capacity. No wonder I love to travel. In any case, the novel is adorable and definitely worth exploring.

5 out of 5 must be time for tea.

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