Monday, 18 December 2017

The Romance of Lust by Anonymous

"As yet, I had absolutely no knowledge of the uses of the different organs of my sex"

I was bored and sifting through new posts on Project Gutenberg when I noticed a supposed "classic Victorian erotic novel". Well, I thought to myself, this could be interesting. So, it appears nothing is new under the sun - I've done the research by reading this, so that you don't have to. There seems to be an almost Game of Thrones like obsession with incest. Like, a lot of incest. There are a lot of orifices and quite a bit of repetition. Basically this is just quite porny. Young innocent boy learns,the ways of the world, through lots of practice. I think you can guess the rest.
Why the hell did i give this four out of five? Hey, it had its moments.

 4 out of 5... moist is a word that many people don't like.

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