Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A Short History of the Middle East: From Ancient Empires to Islamic State by Gordon Kerr

"It had all been so simple before the outbreak of the First World War."

I was attracted to this little book in an effort to perhaps round out the huge gaps in my historical knowledge of the region and also by the fact that it  (the book) was on sale. Having studied ancient history at high school so many moons ago, it was interesting to contemplate the many periods and rules that weren't covered in my studies. Those outside of the Egyptians and the Greeks, Romans and the Persians ( up to about the Persian war era). So much has changed and occurred since those days and this book gives a nice cheat sheet, which I found intriguing.
Even just a touch of historical context brings a better understanding of some of the conflicts that continue today. If we don't understand the past we are always doomed to repeat it and I believe the study of history is imperative. So, this is far from a comprehensive study, and yet its an interesting refresher of the snapshot variety.

4 out of 5, because I'd like to learn more.

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