Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Laughing Gas by P.G.Wodehouse

"So, to avoid the distasteful encounter, I just slid noiselessly from the chair and ducked down behind it, hoping that when he came in and saw nobody in the room he would go away again."

A trip to the dentist can change your life. While this isn't quite as hilariously funny as the Jeeves stories, it certainly has its moments.This is a kind of early Freaky Friday  style body swap comedy set in crazy Hollywood, so you can image its a wild romp.Now I have to confess something here. In my desperation to finish 100 books this year.. I did finish this one on the 31st December and perhaps I'd already cracked open the champagne by say about 3pm. Living in my suburb ( that gets locked down from about 2pm) it was necessary to couch surf at my buddy's house for most of the afternoon. Therefore my review will not be an in-depth one. Apologies all.

5 out of 5 pass the anaesthesia.

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