Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist by M.C. Beaton

"On her better days, Agatha Raisin was quite presentable, having shiny brown hair cut in a smooth bob, small bearlike eyes , a generous mouth, and a trim, if stocky figure ending in good legs."

Well I finished the last Agatha Raisin and immediately felt compelled to download the next one. Damn you iBooks for pandering to my need for instant gratification. You can hardly blame me though, I mean, the way the last one ended ***spoilers*** no-one leaves Aggy at the altar - Am I right?

Embarrassingly, because we all have our Mrs Raisin moments, Agatha heads to the scene of her would-have been honeymoon to chase after Mr James Lacey. I always read him as a Mr Darcy type - I've probably already told you this before. In any case, he keeps his feelings on the stoic side, and that always leads to Agatha delivering some epic payback with some younger, hotter guy much to his distaste.

It takes quite some time for Aggy to find James and in the interim... surprise, surprise, there's a murder. Not to mention an unlikely group of tourists which aren't particularly appealing. Unhelpful local police and some strange goings on are just the start of the fun. Oooh and Sir Charles makes an eventful re-appearance - you may remember him from back in the days when those ramblers lost their lives. Yes, life with Agatha is certainly never dull and her dance card looks particularly full these days.

Will the murderer be uncovered? Will Agatha win James back? Will Bill Wong ever find a girlfriend who lasts passed a dinner with his folks? Some of these questions will be answered. Grab yourself a copy ( or fire up the iBooks like I did) and prepare for the fun.

5 out of 5 holidays can be bloody dangerous.

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