Thursday, 13 September 2018

You're on an Airplane by Parker Posey

"I was sceptical about Blade: Trinity  but when I got my fangs, I got more into it."

I have been a long term fan of the theatrical stylings of Ms Parker Posey. In particular here work in Best in Show, For Your Consideration, A Mightly Wind and Waiting for Huffman. When I heard that she'd written a memoir, I quickly jumped online and grabbed myself a copy.
My friend purchased the audio book and apparently that is even more delightful thanks to the words coming straight from the artist's mouth. I just loved how delightfully scattered this book was and I have to say the photos are a hoot. Everything from aliens to puppies and yoga poses, prepare for a wacky ride.

I mean who doesn't love a woman with the balls to wear a turban!

5 out of 5 great comedic actresses are hard to find.

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