Thursday, 13 September 2018

Zoo Time by Howrd Jacobson

"Those were no small transgressions: stealing a book, leaving out a comma, and scheming to misappropriate my wife's mother."

This was probably not the best choice for a holiday read. There were moments where I laughed out loud, and moments when I really hoped no-one was reading over my shoulder. A strange tale of a kind of grubby author who isn't sleeping with his wife (due to her disinterest) and is obsessed with sleeping with her mother. 

Guy Ableman, as a character, really annoyed me. He seemed so self-absorbed, grubby and just really annoying. He feels over-entitled and jealous and small. The few chuckles I garnered as I read, didn't really seem enough for me.

 3 out of 5 dirty old men bore me.

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