Sunday, 23 December 2018

This will only hurt a little by Busy Philipps

“And I come from a fairly long line of dramatic humans and storytellers. And part of being a good storyteller is knowing which parts need to be embellished a bit and which details need to be lost completely.”

I defy anyone to read a copy of this and not want to be best friends with Busy. She is equal parts adorable, successful, bruised and broken. The road to adulthood was full of many of the pitfalls we can all relate to. She matures on television with the added drama of not fitting the miniscule tv body mould or possessing Katie Holmes’ perfect close-up face (although I’d argue Busy is far more attractive). Just check out the cover and I’m sure you will agree.

This is an approachable story with just a hint of stardust. It is unlikely many of us would have the Hollywood touches of say, dating Tom Hank’s son, crashing swanky parties or becoming best friends and red-carpet regulars with Michelle Williams. Somehow, Busy’s charm smooths over any sense of these surrounds. She is like an old school friend, recounting relatable tales and they are just as beautifully imperfect as the ones of that ilk. Here is a girl not afraid to name and shame, making for a captivating read. So often these days celebrities “write” a book that might as well just be a well collated Instagram feed of airbrushing facts and looks. Busy delivers something far more appealing.

Her life may have had some ups and downs, but the journey is one that is both easy to relate to and reassuring. Nobody is perfect or has a perfect life. People worth knowing are ones that understand the difference between the front we all put on and the reality behind it.

5 out of 5, the perfect stocking stuffer for your bff.

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