Monday, 8 April 2019

H(a)ppy by Nicola Barker

“And yet ever since I have been composing the song — The New Song — I find it difficult to think about anything else.”

Sometimes you read a book and its startling originality really sets it apart. This is one of those instances. I’m loathe to describe it because it is equal parts weird and seductive. I was drawn in by the frenetic typography, including the odd splashes of colour and insanity wrought visually on the page.
If you seek a reassuringly straight narrative voice this is not the book for you. If you feel like hanging out in an alternate reality, well this might be more your speed. It was rather difficult to secure a copy and its price is reflective of a really gorgeous looking book. The cover is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and the psychedelic prose is captivating. No wonder this tale was included in the latest edition of the 1001 Novels you should read before you die list. That ticks a lot of boxes for me as I’m running behind on ticking off all the books on the list and the total list keeps getting longer with every edition.
I’m lost for words for a change. Not sure what more I can say. Reading a review online convinced me that I’m not the only one. I’d be interested to hear others’ views on the topic.

5 out of 5 weirdness awaits.

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