Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Reticence by Gail Carriger

"Lord Akeldama reminded Arsenic a little of her mother."

All aboard the Spotted Custard for another adventure and yours truly is ecstatic to find herself once again ensconced firmly in that magical world. I could wax lyrical ad infinitum on my love for the contents of the pages that the always fantastic Gail Carriger creates and this dear reader is a premium example.

I was ever so fortunate to receive a copy from the amazing Nicki for a fabulous birthday present. I suspect she will also devour this tale set in a mystical Japan with - my favourite creatures - Kitsune! A cunning, wily fox must be my spirit animal. Nevertheless, my Chinese horoscope is a Dragon... and let's just say that might be relevant also.

Percy takes centre stage in this fast paced adventure and we are introduced to yet another exciting heroine in the form of Dr Arsenic Ruthven. You may remember her mother from other tales by the author. I love a world of parasols and paranormal beings. Romance is blooming in a shared hot tub and other rather interesting locales and I was hooked from go to woe - is that how you spell that expression? Reader, I have no idea.

Drift through the aether and watch the adventures unfurl. I can't write much more other than to say that I finished the last page a few moments ago and have plunged into despair at the thought of having to wait for more. I am so impatient in that regard.

5 out of 5 feisty female doctors are handy to have around.

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