Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hello Blogging Universe

Dipping my toe into the blogging universe to see how the water feels.
Last year I read 121 books, this year I intend to beat that and reach 200. That may seem like quite a lot, actually, it probably is. Unlike last year, I thought this blog might provide a forum to record my thoughts on books read this year in an effort to combat my goldfish like memory.

My reading list is cultivated from a host of must read lists, along with random bookstore purchases. My handbag is never short of a paperback and then there are ebooks on my phone. I think this obsession with reading as many books as possible stems not only from the enjoyment they bring, but also harks back to my participation as a child in the MS Readathon every year. While my height made me a passable netballer, my ability to speed read has served me well throughout my life to date.

Right, now on to the books....

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