Monday, 21 January 2013

The Dark Heroine: Dinner With A Vampire - Abigail Gibbs

"Twenty-four hours ago and I would have laughed at that thought. Vampires were works of fiction meant to frighten children. Vampires were mythical creatures girls drooled over. They weren't meant to be real"

So I picked this book up at an airport between flights, I have a sad predilection for novels of the vampire variety: Dangerous, sexy vampires a la Anne Rice, Scary vampires - like Fevre Dream, and even cute, southern vampires as per Charlaine Harris. What really gets my goat however is poorly written pulp fiction designed to jump on a trend. 

I was not aware before commencing this novel that its author was 18 and still at university, however the sex scenes really should have been a clue. One stretch of a few pages had the same bra being taken off at least 3 times. The heroine is 17 yet shifts in demeanour from virginal to  worldly-wise from page to page and back again.

The volume of this work would have benefited greatly from some serious editing. This work reeked of an eagerness to get on the shelves to milk the teen twilight fans market. The story is your typical vampire romance but lacking the romance to really captivate or the spice to really sizzle. I kept reading to the end, waiting for it to get better or go somewhere interesting and was pretty disappointed by the pay off. A 2 out of 5  from me, at least the vampires don't sparkle.

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