Friday, 14 June 2013

Everything That Rises Must Converge by Flannery O'Connor

"The vision of the two hats, identical, broke upon him with the radiance of a brilliant sunrise."

Sometimes it feels that life goes around in circles. Take for example my choice of reading material today. I originally fell in love with O'Connor's A Good Man Is Hard to Find  when introduced to it in the 90s at university ( I'm not bitter but if I was to ever get a tattoo it would probably be of that adage). In any case, I  was reminded how long ago  I had read that collecction today whilst in the co-op bookstore in a nostalgic fit of bliss and with this later short story collection in my bag.
As is often the case with a collection of short stories, there are certain tales that resonate more than others. The titular tale, in particular, is unforgettable and exquisitely delivered.  My other favourite was  Parker's Back -some people are just never happy no matter what extremes you go to in order to get their attention. Also, getting a tattoo to illicit a reaction out of someone is probably never a good idea.
I am exceedingly grateful to my friend Nicki for lending me her copy and I only wish I'd explored this little gem earlier. An added bonus is that I can tick off another book from my 1001 list. 5 out of 5 tasty little morsels.

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