Saturday, 29 June 2013

The Hunt For Pierre Jnr by David M Henley


"Pete had never had a symbiot, but he knew all about them - that's why he feared them."

I was fortunate enough to attend a Sydney Writer's Festival workshop run by the author of this novel and that was my reason for picking up a copy. In many ways, I wish I had read it first as reading the book after that discussion  felt a little like watching a magic trick after the magician had revealed some of his secrets. Notwithstanding, this is a really interesting read.
The future is a strange place where people with psychic abilities are sent off to camps, to separate them from the general population, but an eight year old boy with significant powers is destined to shake up the status quo. He invades minds and leaves them as broken shells. An infant, not at the peak of his powers, with such destructive capabilities is one scary entity. Is he real, can he be found, will death and destruction ensue? Oh you are going to want to keep reading!
So, if I liked it so much, how come it didn't rank 5/5? Well, I felt the ending was a little rushed and not satisfactory unless there is a follow up to come. If  the cover had said it was book one of a series then that other point would be forthcoming. I'd invested a lot of time and interest in this world and I wanted some more.  Mostly more Tamsin, definitely more Pete and certainly more exploration of the epilogue information.
 4 out of 5 because I wanted a little more time with Jnr - or perhaps he's bent my mind.

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