Sunday, 16 June 2013

The Hit by Melvin Burgess

"She hadn't even thought about love until the night before last, when Jimmy Earle died onstage in front of them and they'd spent the night out on the streets, caught up in the riots."

A drug that gives you the ultimate high - a week of ecstasy and then death proves to be a thrilling conceit in The Hit.   Adam and Lizzie, youngsters from different sides of the tracks, get caught up in some thrilling drama after attending the final concert of rock star Jimmy Earle.
This novel kept me awake til one in the morning, it was, dare I say, a little addictive. The pace is fantastic and while I wasn't 100% behind the finale, it was certainly entertaining. I guess this stems from the central ideas played out. While the two lead characters make for a flush of youth modern take on Romeo and Juliet that is easy to relate to; the murkier types are less convincing.  Don't even get me started on badly dressed psychopath and idiot son of chief gangster, Christian.
I eagerly devoured this one, but it ultimately left me with a bit of a come down.  4 out of 5 love is the drug.

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