Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan

"By five o’clock that Saturday afternoon we were lovers. It didn’t run smoothly, there was no explosion of relief and delight in the meeting of bodies and souls."

Starting out, it seemed this was the kind of novel I was destined to enjoy - a female protagonist in the world of espionage, love, drama and literary intrigue- tick, tick, tick in all the boxes. Yet, I was strangely distracted. Something just read a little too much like a man talking about a woman, there was a sense of remove. 

**Possible spoiler alert.**

My sense of disappointment was completely turned on its head by the finale. The revelation of the narrator's true identity was masterful. I'd happily read this again, just to review it in light of the ending. I am a person who detests re-reading books - I usually remember too much of them - but it in this case it would definitely prove interesting.

A quick read. An interesting read. Certainly worth checking out, even if you didn't grow up with dreams of becoming a bookish female James Bond.  5 out of 5, spook sponsored literature - well it saves them reading Facebook.

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