Friday, 16 May 2014

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter

“Pasquale’s eyes felt heavy and he thought it might be the most intimate thing possible, to fall asleep next to someone in the afternoon” 

What a delightful respite from the world of deadlines and curmudgeon like workmates. This story is all about missed opportunities and semi-idyllic locales. Throw in a soupcon of Hollywood glamour and you just know this is one you should pack to take on holidays. Or, like me, if you need a break from the perpetual ground hog day of life, this is the perfect remedy.

I really enjoyed the layered story lines that converged in a particularly entertaining fashion. It is romantic, at times sad, at others hopeful. In summary it is definitely worth checking out and did I mention Liz Taylor, Richard Taylor and ITALY!!

5 out of 5 holiday romances can remain with you forever.

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