Monday, 5 May 2014

Legend by David Gemmell

"Blood, death, conquest, starvation, plague and horror"

Damn this is good! Well, let's just say I wasn't having the best time of it. University take home exam and all, but in snippets of spare time- dinner, lunch etc, I managed to devour this fantasy gem.
Weirdly, in the midst of death and destruction, it is the love story that really brings it all together, that and insurmountable odds, big battle scenes and ... oh what am I saying, pick up a copy and find out for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

I know I'm  late to the party, the author died in 2006 which is doubly tragic, since I've just discovered his brilliant work and to think it was written way back in 1984 - yes indeed  I am a late bloomer where it is concerned, fortunately, I note he wrote other books.. so there are still more to devour.

What more can I say, other than THIS IS EPIC! It is hard to believe that this was a debut novel. Reading that the author described himself as "tall and flawed" in an interview - err... hello that just about describes yours truly - made me love this all the more upon reflection.

This novel is the stuff of legend... read on!
P.S. Steve if you haven't read this already, get thyself a copy pronto.

5 out of 5 warriors go berserk at the prospect of an un-winnable war

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