Monday, 23 November 2015

James Bond Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz

“Everything about her body language spelled trouble, the way she had casually turned away from him, the way she was walking now, the uncaring sway of her hips”

Cards on the table, I am a massive James Bond fan and am really enjoying these re-imaginings made possible by Ian Fleming's estate. Anthony Horowitz has a particular skill for re-inventing the classics, as his work on House of Silk attests, If you read my reviews you will know I wasn't as keen on the sequel.

This retro Bond adventure, complete with Pussy Galore (the momentarily reformed Lesbian) and some high speed car chases is a blast and about 1000 times more enjoyable than its latest cinematic cousin, Spectre. I can't even begin to describe my displeasure about that one. What a waste of the sublime Monica Bellucci! 

Back to the novel and this one is the perfect stocking filler / holiday read just in time for Christmas.

5 out of 5 kiss kiss bang bang.

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