Sunday, 29 November 2015

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

“They walked to the east, all four of them, away from the sunset and the lands they knew, into the night”

Neil Gaiman is a masterly spinner of tales of infinite variety. In The Sleeper and the Spindle he reworks a classic fairy tale, well actually kind of two, into a hauntingly beautiful and original work. Accompanied by the rich illustrations of Chris Riddell, this is a delight.
I think I just got a little too effusive in my praise, I just knocked coffee all over my top. Fear not it was already cold.
Back to the slim sixty something pages of gorgeousness. I am entirely grateful to the fabulous Nicki for lending me this attractive volume. Any chance to walk in the wondrous world of Gaiman is one I would gladly take. Did I mention there is a kick ass queen?

 5 out of 5 fairy tales can be beautiful and non Disney-like.

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