Saturday, 5 December 2015

The Confidential Agent by Graham Greene

“You couldn’t escape a war by changing your country; you only changed the technique – fists instead of bombs, the sneak thief instead of the artillery bombardment”

It is unusual for an introduction to wax lyrical about drug use and yet that is exactly what happens here. Greene (according to the introduction) credited his impressive productivity, a complete work in six weeks with his daily intake of Benzedrine (speed) and the frenetic pace of the novel reflects the drug fuelled pace.

The mysterious figure of D is heading to Dover on board a ship en-route to transact a secret coal deal to benefit his war torn country. This is no easy assignment, it comes with a body count and some significant bashing and bruising. Not everyone is so keen for D to make his transaction, is Rose Cullen a friend or foe? Crack open those pages for a super fuelled, fast paced thriller - you won't be disappointed.

5 out of 5 shady deals can be intriguing.

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