Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie

"I set my empty cup inside the tea flask, and knelt  on the floor before the icon, hip protesting slightly, and began to pray."

This is science fiction with a whole lot of tea drinking. If the book was a movie with a drinking game (ha, see what I did there), and tea drinking was reason for a shot, let's just say you would be on the floor early on. 

I was super eager to discover this winner of multiple science fiction awards, and yet it took me up until the final day of the year to finish it. The narrative is a little confusing, or perhaps that is just me. Conceptually it is decidedly novel and I guess that is one of its fortes.

How can a being be a singular human and yet have been a huge starship at one point? Open up the pages and eventually this conceit begins to gain traction.

4 out of 5 situations call for a cuppa.

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