Saturday, 26 December 2015

Dead Ice by Laurell K Hamilton

“Do you let all your friends put their heads in your lap when you’re nude?”

As the countdown to her multi-party wedding continues, questions are raised as to who will form the wedding party in Anita Blake's arsenal of supernaturals. Which of the hot looking crew will wed Anita and Jean-Claude in their polyamorous, S&M loving hi jinks for life? Apparently another Tiger is what is required; meantime that irresistible siren, Anita Blake, the executioner, has work to do. 
After not even realising her own strength by almost bringing back a way too life like zombie, with a thing for Dennys, Anita is tasked with tracking down zombie pornographers and ending their wicked ways. Naturally things get icky.
Power struggles continue in the supernatural world, as she notes 
“Would you un­der­stand if I said pol­i­tics makes strange bed­fel­lows?”.
Things, as usual get weirder. Always so awkward when your boyfriend transforms into a tiger in the sack - quite literally.
Sometimes I don't know what it says about me that I am still reading this series, but book 23 and I'm still on board, waiting for the latest crazy antics. I'm not advocating this as exemplary literature, more like an entertaining distraction.

3 out of 5 zombie sex slaves leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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