Friday, 19 February 2016

A brief history of seven killings by Marlon James

"I didn't get it. I mean, come on, the shit was spread out in front of me like a fat stripper."

This year's Man Booker prize winner was certain to find itself on my to read shelf- shelf who am i kidding, it is a large 1/4 of one of my bookshelves. At almost 700 pages long, this is a significant undertaking with numerous characters each with their own voice. Some of these voices are rather a challenge for this reader to come to grips with. I think the term "pussyhole" must get used an inordinate number of times within those 700 pages.
I have to admit to reading this in fits and starts over a long period of time, which perhaps distracted from my appreciation of it. I certainly didn't have  the same effusive response as some of the reviews I've read online.
That's not to say that I wasn't intrigued by the novel and I certainly persevered despite its length. It's not bad, just different and probably not something I would choose to re-live.

3 out of 5 accents are hard to read.

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