Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Silk by Alessandro Baricco

"Slowly she turned the cup until her lips were at the precise point where he had drunk"

This thin sliver of a tale is intriguing, delicate and in part erotic. In 104 pages, translated from the original Italian, Baricco employs words and imagery that bring to mind the smoothness of silk. For me it represents the 429th book I've read in the 1001 novels to read before you die and I rather enjoy progress!

A story about buying and selling silkworms is not something that leaps out as "must read", that being said, this one is a must read. The ending is heart breaking and unforgettable.
Brevity with a deft touch, like a soft, lingering kiss.

5 out of 5 silkworms like mulberry leaves.

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