Friday, 12 February 2016

Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox

"Still, he would expect no less from a man who had successfully run a criminal empire for over two decades, and a humanitarian one for the past few years."

Another trip back into the world of midget master criminal, Artemis Fowl. This time his mother's life is in danger and it will take some specialist help from Holly and co, not to mention a certain demon, to turn this one around.
As anyone who loves time travel tales will know, returning along your own time line is fraught with danger and for Artemis, this adventure proves no exception.
While the tale draws you in and keeps you entertained, this feels a little less exciting than its predecessors and as such I've marked it down a little.
The time travel storyline was a little convoluted and it is difficult to be engaged about the health of Artemis' mother, when she is such a peripheral character.

That being said, I'm sure to dive into the next volume of the series with relish.

4 out of 5 trained guard dogs may bite.

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