Saturday, 13 February 2016

I'll never write my memoirs by Grace Jones

"It seemed very natural  that I would go and fetch Dolph holding a gun."

I had the very good fortune of seeing Grace Jones live last year and she is truly an original.Sure, as she admits in the closing chapters of her autobiography, others may emulate, but she is the real deal. Her book is as delightfully rambling as her onstage banter and what is not to love.

Here is a woman that has really lived, loved and celebrated a life so far that seems so removed from the one anticipated by her upbringing. A maelstrom of creative energy who has partnered with amazing artists to concoct strange and unforgettable flights of fancy, even if the details might be a little hazy these days.

A survivor who has outlived many of her contemporaries in an unapologetically, individual way. This is an eminently quotable book full of larger than life stories often told with a chronology that ebbs and flows like the tide. Partying with Andy Warhol, modelling with Jerry Hall, cocaine connoisseur-dom, acting with Roger Moore, there are plenty of stories to keep you amused and bemused.

I'm a lucky reader to have been able to borrow this delight from the always delightful Matt, thanks again.

5 out of 5 half naked hoola hooping is a talent most of us can only dream of.

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