Thursday, 30 August 2018

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

"She threw the rest of the paperwork back into one of the shoeboxes and took the piece of the Berlin Wall and the letter back downstairs."

I just loved the cover, let me get the superficial comments out of the way first. After thoroughly enjoying, Big Little Lies, both the novel and the mini-series, I was eager to dig into more Moriarty ( so to speak). 
Apparently, as I was reliably informed by my favourite cafe owner, the author also frequents my favourite cafe - clearly she has great taste.
Now to this novel, let's start with the positives. It is a quick, easy read. The characters are intriguing, the secret ( which I picked way too early on) isn't quite as compelling as it could be and yet you will still be turning the pages at a cracking pace.
What this novel suffers from, if anything in particular, is the comparison with the author's more famous work. In this case, its not that this isn't eminently entertaining, its just not quite as compelling as the other.

You may sense my reluctance to get into the actual plot, because that seems like something experienced by the reader. So my recommendation would be to check this out. Perhaps before you read the more well rounded Big Little Lies.

 4 out of 5  secrets never stay buried.

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