Sunday, 25 November 2018

Crimson Death (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter #25) by Laurell K. Hamilton


“I was told I was beautiful and some days I believed it, but looking down at the three of them I was still amazed that everyone and everything in the bed was mine, and I was theirs”

I thought I had sworn off the vampire killing, necromancing, sex pot that is Anita Blake and yet here I am, back on the horse. To be fair, I’m more than a little bit jealous of Anita and her menagerie of hot men (and now women) that she absolutely must sleep with or all hell will literally break loose. I admit I am a massive fan of Nicky, Jean-Claude, Nathaniel and Micah. Let’s face it they are all impressive supernatural specimens. My only query is to how big Jean Claude’s room is to fit a bed that big in?


Back to the plot line though and it is time for Damian, another vampire, to really enter the mix. Pairing with Anita and Nathaniel as yet another supernatural power up coupling. Blah blah more writing about polyamory – I don’t’ know why this has to be explained in such painstaking detail in every book. We get it… move on.

Anyway, there are two saving graces to this furry love fest and they are EDWARD (got to love that cold steel killer) and a trip to Ireland. Baby vampires seem to be wreaking destruction in Ireland and Edward has put in the call for his favourite of the four riders, to come and save the day.

Naturally there are fey, which makes for a fun new supernatural being in the mix, along with supernatural seals who are (go figure) beautiful too. There is also way too much talk about therapy. So much talk about therapy – need I go on?


Still, we find a way for Anita to get over (momentarily) her fear of flying. We get some action and before you know it, 720 pages have flown by. It can’t have been all that bad, I admit I stared on the next book straight away.



4 out of 5 because vampires and werewolves need love too.


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