Friday, 1 March 2013

The Indigo Spell By Richelle Mead

"He was the same Adrian as ever, annoyingly good looking with his tousled brown hair and sculpted face."

On a miserable, grey, Sydney day, what could be a better antidote to the depressing realities of job seeking than an escape to the world of young adult paranormal romance? While might not be providing the goods today,  Richelle Mead has certainly delivered another delightful dalliance in the third bloodlines novel.

I'm probably stating the obvious by saying I am well out of the target demographic to be enjoying the adventures of a virginal alchemist and her would be boyfriend, that ever delectable vampire bad boy, Adrian Ivashkov. Adrian is everything you could wish for in a paperback romance - good looking, erudite, artistic, prone to bad behaviour and able to interact with you in your dreams. Then there's Sydney the protagonist - she is one can do kinda girl. Not only can she handle a weapon or master magic - she can even achieve wonders aided only by a rather tight fitting dress.

Throw rebel Marcus Finch into the mix and a possible Alchemist conspiracy and it is game on for action and adventure. Having just torn through the book at a cracking pace, Richelle Mead is at her entertaining best  and reconfirms the crush on Adrian I developed in book one ( or perhaps in the Vampire Academy series - no I was more of a Dimitri fan).

I liked this so much that even the review is coming out like the effervescent ramblings of a sixteen year old! Before I start understanding the current obsession kids have with one direction,  I had better move on to reading something a little more adult. The good news for me is that the next instalment in this series The Fiery Heart (check out the cover at bookish) is due out November 19! With a Vampire Academy movie in the works as well this could well be the author's year, and I'm sure she doesn't need my vote of confidence but here's  5 out of 5 just for kicks.

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