Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Ubik by Philip K Dick

"The best way to ask for beer is to sing out Ubik. Made from select hops, choice water, slow-aged for perfect flavor Ubik is the nation's number-one choice in beer. Made only in Cleveland."

Is he dead or alive and does the answer lie in the ubiquitous can whose advertisements lead each chapter? Life, death and half-life get very confusing within the world of Ubik. Having just completed my first reading, I feel the need to revisit in one uninterrupted session to further comprehend what exactly just happened.

Encompassing a strange future world where people can be placed in "cold pac"after death (a half-life state) and accessed at any time for basic communication. Each access swallows up what little half-life is left until their end finally comes around. Strange things happen when Glen Runciter accesses his wife Ella's half life. Throw in psychic powers, a lunar explosion and a spray can that does wonders and you too will be hooked on the strange, yet enticing world of Ubik.

I am a massive fan of Philip K Dick - I really had to be careful how I typed that one! This 1969 novel certainly doesn't disappoint. Michel Gondry has been working on a film adaptation for some time and it would certainly suit his dreamy aesthetic, I hope it comes to pass. 5 out of 5 squirts of Ubik from your local pharmacy.

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