Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bloody Bones - Laurell K Hamilton

"I huddled against the side of the helicopter, one hand in a death grip on the strap that was bolted to the wall. I wanted to use both hands to hold on, as if by holding very tightly to the stupid strap it would save me when the helicopter plummeted to earth."

As you might have guessed by now, I've succumbed to a little bit of a Laurell K Hamilton-fest of late. There is something about Anita Blake's necromancy, complicated love life and supernatural adventures that is hard to resist.

It seems that my complaints about the supernatural love triangle were heard and things appear to be getting more interesting. In this volume we meet more varieties of supernatural folk including fairies - quite scary fairies.

Just typing that last sentence makes me sound about five years old. So as to escape the paranormal romance genre, I shall explore something more high brow for my next literary adventure. In any case, it was a fun read and  5 out of 5 vampire bites.

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