Thursday, 18 April 2013

Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton

“The fact that the punishment worried me more than the crime said something about my moral state.”


The chaste and frustrated Anita Blake at the core of the first 6 books is well and truly put to bed in volume seven of the series. The sex and violence aspects are amped up to the max with a possible pyromaniac and the vampire council causing havoc for the perpetually armed necromancer.

There are the requisite make out sessions with her hunky vampire boyfriend, tedious awkwardness with her ex-boyfriend – the werewolf and a lot of getting up close and personal with various paranormals as part of the ‘healing’ process. Did I mention the repugnant vampiress who likes to rot all over her victims – don’t read this one before a meal!

Killing off the leader of there wereleopard pack has provided additional complications for Anita. Is there ever such a thing as a boring, run-of-the-mill day at work for this eye of the storm?

I'm almost embarrassed to be sharing my love of paranormal romance with the world - perhaps its a sad indictment of the lack of magic happening in my life at the moment? In any case, I think its time I moved on to something different. 4 out of 5 more of the same kinky creatures and body count - throw another vamp on the barbie.

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