Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blue Moon by Laurell K Hamilton

“Standing there, caught between Richard's power, the wereleopards' needs, and that awful touch of Raina, like some foul perfume, I prayed: Dear God, don't let me fail them.”

Okay, I’ll admit it, occasionally I can be a little weak willed. I gave into the temptation of another peak into the world of Anita Blake, I was having a bad day, feeling a cold coming on and paranormal romance can be as restorative as chicken soup.

The werewolves and wereleopards really take centre stage in this adventure, as Anita heads to another state to save Richard who has been imprisoned on rape charges. Peace loving, school science teacher Richard has obviously been framed and Anita manages to tear herself away from her hunky vampire amour to come to his aid.
Dark magic is afoot and combined with police corruption, the welcome Anita receives is far from friendly. Perhaps a more fitting title might have been ‘embrace your beast’? Prepare for some bloodletting, getting extra close and personal and new developments on the triumvirate front.
5 out of 5 fang-tastic for a cold day's reading.

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