Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Lunatic Cafe - Laurell K Hamilton



Where to start with this one. A little disappointing in some ways. Why insist on a heroine saving herself for marriage when the story is a sexy supernatural saga? This makes no sense to me. I say give in to the dark side and actively pursue either Jean-Claude or Richard but just, please, ditch the love triangle. SO predictable, or perhaps I'm just overly decisive.
The action, however, does not disappoint. Whether wielding guns or knives or a grimace, Anita is her usual kick ass self. Jean Claude is his usual brooding hotness. I admit, he keeps me reading this series. So, I didn't hate it, I still rushed through the end to see the resolution to the case of the missing shifters. Perhaps it is the police procedural aspect that holds the reader's interest and overcomes some of the more predictable paranormal romance aspects? In any case, I'm still giving it  4 out of 5 silver bullets.

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