Monday, 15 April 2013

When Maidens Mourn by C S Harris

"Sebastien's first inclination was to dismiss the man's tale of ghosts, robber barons, and buried treasure as just so much nonsense."

Sadly, I accidentally deleted my first attempt at this review, so my memory might have grown a little sketchier in the intervening days. A big shout out to the lovely Nicki for lending me this eagerly anticipated next instalment in the Sebastien St Cyr saga.
In this, the seventh book of the story, we rejoin Sebastien after his quickie marriage to Hero Jarvis. A murder with a distinctly Lady of Shallot theme is at the centre of this story with Hero personally involved - the victim is her friend.

The continuing mystery of St Cyr's parentage comes to the fore once more with his meeting with the man who so resembles his personage. It has been a long wait for this book (in paperback) but the wait was worth it. A delightful morsel to be quickly enjoyed in the anticipation of more of the same next year. 5 out of 5.

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