Friday, 23 August 2013

A Mere Interlude by Thomas Hardy


"She did not pronounce a clear affirmative. But that she consented to the novel proposition at some moment or other of that walk was apparent by what occurred a little later."

A delightful little collection of 3 short stories by Thomas Hardy acted as a pleasant tonic to an otherwise drama filled week. I know I'm supposed to be reading my study notes for uni, but I did fit this in on public transport and the like and it was a slim 125 pages long.
My favourite tale was the title story with its amusing take on the ramifications of keeping things from your intended, their secrets might be even worse. Is omission the same as a lie, I've always felt that it isn't, but clearly it is grey territory.
On a positive note, these Penguin Great Loves books are easy wins when it comes to adding to my tally for the year.
 5 out of 5 - poor Baptista has rotten luck when it comes to honeymoons.


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