Saturday, 17 August 2013

American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis


"She isn't wearing the Karl Lagerfeld suit I expected, but she looks pretty decent anyway: a silk gazar blouse with rhinestone cuff links by Louis Dell'Olio and a pair of embroidered velvet pants from Saks, crystal earrings from Wendy Gell for Anne Klein and gold sling back pumps."

This novel has been in my to-read pile for quite some time and I admit I've been reticent to dive in. I remember the huge furore when it first came out and when it was first sold in plastic wrappers. The sex and violence is of the highly graphic variety - as you might expect from Easton Ellis and let's face it cannibalism is really an unappetising subject.
Despite the icky stuff this book is amazing. It perfectly encapsulates the coke fuelled arrogance and detachment of a man who has everything that anyone is supposed to want in the world and is moved to extremes to end the monotony. Yes, the extremes are ridiculously extreme and Patrick Bateman is a horrific character, yet his annoyingly superficial yuppie friends are, it could be argued, just as horrible, albeit slightly more banal.
I have to say, the novel was probably not the most appropriate reading material at the hairdressers today. It did feel weird reading quite depraved depictions of grotesque violence while going blonder- Patrick would probably describe my do as newsreader coiffed perfection, but would baulk at the lack of recognised labels on my person.
The discussions on Huey Lewis and the News and Phil Collins are epic, as is the conversation with Tom Cruise ..."bartender".... oh I laughed.
5 out of 5, gruesome, grotesque but good.

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