Friday, 13 October 2017

Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

"He could tell himself now, in all torturous sincerity, that in making his various arrangements on Vernon's behalf he, Clive, was doing no more than honouring his word."

In this rather slender Booker prize winning novel a cast of rather hideous, self absorbed characters are all reflecting on the death of their former lover, Molly Lane. A vivacious, free-spirit cut down in her prime by some form of dementia and then death. When incriminating photos of her former beau, the now foreign secretary, come to light, self-interest and scheming unleash some truly dark behaviour.
All roads lead to Amsterdam and a body count, so pass the champagne and settle in for a speedy and interesting read. I know I did.

This is also one of the 1001 books to read before you die which means I'm yet another step closer to that particular life goal. I'll take that as a win because today, I have a cold. On the plus side, that means more reading time. Nose to book for this bibliophile. Until the next review - adieu and watch your Champagne.

5 out of 5 - this book is not about youth in Asia.

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