Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan

"Inside the bedroom, Nick was wondering what precisely to say to his grandmother, "Nay ho mai ?" he said, and then immediately wondered why he had asked he such a stupid question."

So enthusiastic was I to return to Kevin Kwan’s ultra-luxe world after finishing Crazy Rich Asians, that I mistakenly bought what I thought was the next instalment at Brisbane Airport – only to discover I’d missed a volume. It seems I’ve cheated myself out of China Rich Girlfriend and moved straight onto its sequel. It didn’t matter too much, I still gorged on its delicious decadence with the restraint of a gambling addict at Crown.

I’ll leave what’s happened in the interim between the two books alone- namely because I’ve just ordered the middle one and am counting down until it arrives. In any case, the fortunes of Kitty have really improved, not to mention the fact that Rachel’s had a ring put on her by the adorable Nick Young. That being said, Nick’s grandmother, the family matriarch is on her deathbed and the vultures – particularly Eddy – are circulating.

Throw in a sex scandal, a few crazy exes and a new romance and you have hours of reading entertainment ahead. I pretty much finished this over a flight from Brisbane to Sydney and then just a couple of hours at home later. When I finish the 2nd book of the trilogy I will be eagerly anticipating more entertainment from this delightful author. While he lampoons the crazy excesses of his unimaginably rich characters, he still imbues them with so much personality that you really want to hang around them for that little bit longer.

5 out of 5, this novel could never be last season.

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