Friday, 13 October 2017

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

"He caught a glimpse of Alice's wild dark fox's eyes rolling with terror and then half shutting with pleasure."

Every review I’ve just read on  about this mimics my own thinking. That is to say - Harry Potter for adults with sex and a dash of Narnia. I like all of these things and yet I did not love the book. Astonishingly, I actually preferred the television adaptation. It is worth noting that both iterations differ quite substantially in relation to the plot and also the importance of certain characters.
That being said, the central action is still enticing. After all who could resist fantastical, magical realms with added hormones? Sure, Quentin is a bit of a wet dish rag. That being said, Alice is far more interesting. Perhaps that's my inner nerd talking. I was glad when **spoilers**she gets her own back on her unreliable boyfriend through noisy shenanigans with Penny - such a strange name for a guy. Also is that what they meant by physical magic?

4 out of 5 magic tricks could be a double entendre?

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