Friday, 13 October 2017

How to Be Alone by Sara Maitland

"Over the centuries a remarkably wide  variety of individuals have spoken warmly of the enhanced sense of self they have found in doing something courageous on their own"

Have you ever opened the pages of a book in anticipation of learning something, only to discover there’s nothing within that you didn’t already know? That was certainly the case here. Perhaps, being such a solitary creature has taught me the value of alone time. That being said, everyone needs a little companionship at times. I admit I was having a bit of a moment, thinking that perhaps my destiny lies in perpetual solitude. Upon reflection, we are all on a journey and the signposted directions, for me at least, do not sit within this book. A treatise on the benefits of flying solo is not something I particularly need. I'd have to agree with the positive remarks about travelling alone, that is something tried and tested in my book. Never go to a beautifully, romantic city like Venice or Florence with a misanthropic,  ignorant,grumpy old man of a boyfriend, you will enjoy yourself far more alone. This goes double if his name is a three letter word that starts with B - trust me - I speak from experience.

3 out of 5 books do not have all the answers.

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