Sunday, 22 October 2017

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

"It was so bloody unfair. His parents were loaded, and his mother was set to inherit another obscene bundle if his Singapore grandmother would ever kick the bucket"

This is just so delightfully easy to consume that it is better than a Toblerone. How could you not get drawn into this crazy world of extreme wealth. Fish out of water Rachel Chu has no idea that she has won the heart of one of Singapore's most eligible bachelors. Indeed the power and wealth of her paramour's family is a complete mystery that will not stay a mystery for too long. An invitation to Nick's best friend's wedding in Singapore will see Rachel and Nick leave their American home for the crazy world of his birth.
The kind of place where it isn't a question of whether to take a private jet, rather whose one to take. The family situation is going to prove difficult ground for the young couple to navigate and for the reader, a mix of giggles and shock that will keep the pages flying by. I immediately had to read more of Mr Kwan's work after I finished the last page. Unfortunately, I bought the 3rd book by accident instead of the 2nd. Review forthcoming soon. I'm keen on reading all three and can't wait to see the upcoming film adaptation. Hope it has the big budget that this will require.

5 out of 5 times meeting the family is never easy.

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