Saturday, 3 February 2018

Artemis by Andy Weir

"We both stripped down to our underwear. (What? I'm supposed to be demure around the gay guy?). Then we put on our coolant garments."

I know it is only February, however, I think I might already have read my favourite book of the year.I do love a good science fiction novel and the moon as a location has been under-utilised of late. When I saw that the author of the marvellous,The Martian, had a new novel out, it was in my book depository basket faster than you could say "Is that a need or a want?".

Jazz is a delightful anti-heroine. A smart, sassy moon dweller with daddy issues, ex-boyfriend issues, a drinking problem and a somewhat dubious occupation as a smuggler. It is a means to an end (the criminal behaviour that is); as she aims to become a well paid EVA Master- and the training, the equipment and the test cost money. Jazz is almost everything I could want from a female lead. Intelligent, nuanced,and just plain kick ass. The other characters are just as rich and interestingly developed. I loved Svobo and his re-usable condom invention particularly.

The moon is just another microcosm of everything on Earth and Weir delightfully explores the human side of colonisation. He also throws in a bucket load of science (lots of things that go boom, lots of things that could kill you), the mechanics of economics, and some fast-paced action. If you've ever queried the power of a trade qualification, this book might just have you considering learning how to weld.

I hope this novel garners lots of positive attention and that someone re-creates the bar in it, so that I can go visit and sample a few concoctions. What's not to love about the idea of a currency called slugs. I'm just a massive fan of the whole book and writing this review only makes me want to re-read it.

5 out of 5 - fly me to the moon.

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