Friday, 9 February 2018

The Showrunner by Kim Moritsugu

"Stacey checked the wall clock and tried to estimate how long Ann would stay quiet while Bonnie and Todd trashed her opportunity to live vicariously through Julie, who in the tradition of avatars, was taller, thinner, better-looking, and sexier than Ann had ever been, Ann being more of a Hilary Clinton type, bodywise."

When I read the synopsis of this novel, I knew it was something I'd be keen on. Two of my favourite television shows of late being Episodes  and UnReal, and the idea of more behind the scenes television production drama was a compelling reason to request this from Netgalley. Thankfully, I was rewarded with a pre-release version and got to indulge my love for backstage drama. It's sold as a kind of TV All about Eve, and I believe that might do this a bit of a disservice. It's something rather different entirely and yet, still lots of fun.

Stacey makes an entertaining protagonist. She has worked hard to get where she is; trapped by a royal bitch of a boss and now competition seems to be brewing with the introduction of actress turned would be production assistant, Jenna to the team. It could all become rather lethal, so buckle in for the ride and enjoy the show.

The pacing was a little off at times and I sometimes got confused between Stacey and Jenna - their stories are rather intermingled. That being said, it was an enjoyable glimpse behind the facade and I predict this one will get picked up by the network.

4 out of 5 episodes are rather entertaining.

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