Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Magician King by Lev Grossman

"But nuclear winter was coming, and magic wasn't keeping her warm."

It is time to head back to Filory with Quentin and the gang. Let's face it, current dramas in my world have made a fantasy land seem particularly appealing. Quentin is loving being a High King, but constantly seeking new challenges. Life in your dream land can get a little tedious and its time for a quest or two.
While Quentin is off questing, the story provides a side story and we get some detailed insights into Julia's troubled back story. As you might expect, her story is a dark and troubled one. It turns out that rejection from Brakebills is not the worst thing that has befallen the young witch on her journey to discovering her powers.
Back to the quest and Quentin finds himself back on Earth, queue a trip to Venice, and a number of other interesting places. Will he make it back to Fillory? Will his cushy time come to an end? Get reading.. you'll find out. Such an entertaining read and a delightful distraction from real world events.

5 out of 5 magic keys open unlikely doors.

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